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Located at: 2760 E Trinity Mills Rd, Suite 117, Carrollton, TX 75006,   972-418-1866
The ATA Tigers will be tested every 2 months, just like the Juniors and Adults.  Typically, their Belt Testing will be held during the Week of Belt Testing in the evening hours.  The testing fee of $55 will include a new belt, a Patch/Headband, & a custom ATA Tiger Achievement Certificate. This program could last as long as 3 years.  However, with Master Pechacek’s approval, ATA Tigers that display adequate maturity and attention span may Graduate earlier & move to the Junior Karate for Kids Program where they will set goals to achieve their Black Belt! Below are a few pictures of the ATA Tiger System...
Click here for .PDF Version Click here for .PDF Version COOL Belts!!     The ATA Tiger Program is a  Time - Based Program & not  a Rank - Based Program.     Tigers are awarded belts  when they sufficiently per- form their material at Belt  Testing.  This belt system  focuses on achieving the  skills for that cycle & does  not emphasize rank like  the Junior & Adult pro- grams do. FIRST TESTING! SOLID BELT & AN ANIMAL PATCH! SECOND TESTING! ANIMAL BELT & A HEADBAND!
ATA Tiger Program
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