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Located at: 2760 E Trinity Mills Rd, Suite 117, Carrollton, TX 75006,   972-418-1866
Master Eric Pechacek began his martial arts career in the fall of 1989 at the age of fifteen. By July of 1991, he became a 1st Degree Black Belt. In 1997, he became the Chief Instructor of the ATA Martial Arts Academy in Carrollton, TX. Between 1991 and 1997, Master continued his Taekwondo training while finding time to earn a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Texas A&M University. In 2000, Master Pechacek earned his 4th Degree Black Belt and achieved his goal of owning and operating his own Taekwondo School in Carrollton, TX. As he puts it, “becuase of this opportunity, I can now do what I love - teaching kids (and adults) Taekwondo as well as Leadership Skills. I am very blessed!” In 2009 & 2010, Master Pechacek achieved two major milestones, the first was achieving the rank of 6th Degree and the title of Master Instructor in the ATA. In July of 2016, Master Pecachek successfully earned the rank of 7th Degree and is a Senior Master candidate. Other notable achievements include opening of second school in Lewisville, TX in 2010. In 2012, Master Pechacek became the owner of a 3rd school located in North Richland Hills, TX. As a Master Instructor and business owner, Master Pechacek shared his wealth of knowledge and experience to build future school owners. In 2015, Master Pechacek had the privileged of selling his Lewisville and North Richland Hills schools to two incredible instructors whose schools today continue to thrive.  Since owning his first school, Master Pechacek has instructed thousands of students with over 400 achieving the rank of black belt. Master Pechacek is responsible for training a multitude of students who have achieved the title of State and District Champion in numerous categories.  Additionally, Master Pechacek holds 10 World titles and has also been blessed with leading over 25 students to the same coveted title of World Champion; collectively representing an astounding 50+ World titles among his three schools. On a daily basis, Master Pechacek, his wife Susan, and his staff of certified instructors teach and guide students of all ages to set goals for themselves while building their self-confidence. As Master Pechacek states, "We provide a positive environment that teaches students to thrive in the world today."
Master Eric Pechacek
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